Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Creative Time DT.

Welcome Home!
 Our new Babies, Mimi and Momo!!!

 My little Mimi.
 and my big boy Momo!

Hi everyone! I made this scrapbook layout to be entered at My Creative Time with Emma DT. I have followed her Amazing blog for almost 2 years. I just love how sweet and real she is and her work is to die for.!!! MCT Stamps are the best!!! I just like how she thinks outside the box and brings us new ways to use our creativity with her stamps. I am slowly building my MCT stamp and die collection ;0), they have a special space next to me in my craft room!  I know I’m over my head here, but my DH told me to give it a try! Let’s see what happens :0). I hope you all have a blessed day and Good luck everyone!!!