Wednesday, October 13, 2010


How Sweet is this? Last night I was telling my husband that maybe my stuff is not that cute, since it has been taking me so long to have the followers I have. I told him; Baby some people do come to my blog and comment, but don’t become followers and other just don’t come at all. I am here to make friends and to show my creations, but it looks like that’s not enough.   So, today I didn’t post my new project until the late morning and I didn’t come back to check until 10pm. I found a comment from my new friend Audrey Frelix from (cute and some) telling me that she had something for me!!!! And to my surprise she had a SWEET BLOGGER AWARD waiting for me and 2 others. It’s funny how sometimes you can feel like things are not working like you would like them to, and someone like Audrey comes and puts a smile on your face :0) just like that! SO, my lesson for today was: I don’t have a blog to see how many followers I can get and how fast, but to see how many good friends I make.
Audrey thanks so much for thinking of me, for sure you are the sweetest ever!!!  I feel very bless to had found your amazing blog and to have a new friend in you! I am deeply grateful and honor that you thought of me, when I know you have so many other talented bloggers.  You truly inspired me with your gorgeous creations and with all the sweet comments you take the time to write on my blog! You will forever have a true friend in me… Thank you again my friend!

Now I would like to invite you to go and visit my friend Audrey Frelix’s blog. She is one of the most creative and talented people I know. Her blog is super amazing and her work is more than cute and some…it’s GORGEOUS! If you don’t already know who I’m talking about, please click over her name to take to the cute and some blog!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Woo Hoo Congrats Carol!! You deserve it!

  2. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by your comment and shout-out! All I was doing was passing on what I believed was a well-deserved award to a talented new friend who's work I admire. It's great to know you think of me as highly as I do you!!!

    I wouldn't worry about the followers too much, they will come just don't focus on it; just keep on doing what you're doing!!! At least you know I'll be here and others will too! One day you will look up and have more followers than you can keep up with -- lol!!!

    Anyway, you're doing great! It's not like you don't have 52 followers already! LOL!

    Oh, and you're very welcome for your award!

  3. Congratulations! I think it was wondeful of Audrey to pass on the sweet blogger award to you. She beat me to it!

    Georgiana :)

  4. isn't audrey an awesome friend?


  5. Congrats Carol!!! How exciting for you... I know this makes you feel much better now. It really doesn't matter about the small stuff, it just matters that you keep posting your beautiful creations and have the friends you do who love ya bunches!!!! I'm so excited to see you today!!

  6. I am inspired by your creations. I really love to visit your blog and see what you have to share. You are so deserving of this award. Just keep creating and they will come! :)

  7. Ohhhh, Thank you girl!!! I appreaciate your sweet comments!

    Carol l.


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